Luxury Property Management in Los Cabos

Luxury Property Management in Los Cabos

Book Direct System

  • Our homeowners benefit from higher earnings as we capture around 20% in additional reservations directly through our marketed and positioned website.
  • Added protection through collection of security deposits and guest screening
  • Additional direct bookings through returning loyal guests

Sales Channel Optimization

  • Investor-led (Canadian-German) and top-rated in the Mayan Riviera, we hold a 4.96/5 Airbnb Superhost rating with 1000+ reviews.
  • Award-winning on various travel websites, we are set for continued growth in 2024.
  • Our optimized listings and marketing exposure boost bookings by 24% across all sales channels.
  • By optimizing listings and marketing exposure we boost bookings by around 24% across all sales channels

Exceptional Service

  • Each home is unique. We tailor our services to your property’s specific needs.
  • Our top priority is maintaining your home’s enjoyment for you and our guests at all times.
  • A team of specialists ensures regular inspections, maintenance, and protection against natural forces. Hand us the keys, and we will handle everything.
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Francesco Lee
Francesco Lee

Commercial Director

  • Introduction to the company

Vacation Los Cabos

Vacation Los Cabos is an investor lead, full service property management company in Baja California. We are experienced and trusted property managers with a proven track record originating from Vacation in Tulum, a leading property management company in the Riviera Maya.

In 2021 our German-Canadian founder set foot on Mexican soil, the birth hour of our other successful company in the Mayan Riviera, Vacation in Tulum.

After three years growth and experience managing over 40 properties in Tulum, we decided to expand to Los Cabos to offer benefits those investors looking for professional property care whilst improving their return on investment.

  • Benefits

Why Should You Choose Vacation Los Cabos?

More benefits, less hassle & exceptional care for your property.

When you hire Vacation Los Cabos, you are hiring a professional team dedicated exclusively to marketing and managing your property, taking maximum care of your investment, and obtaining for you benefits higher than you ever thought possible.

  1. Expertise: We know how Mexico works and what it takes to make your home stand out through exceptional property care and marketing.
  2. Targeted Marketing: We heavily invest in different marketing channels to maximize occupancy.
  3. Guest Screening: We screen every guest to ensure their suitability.
  4. Human Touch: We understand property management is about people. You will have a direct go to contact within our company and benefit from timely answers to any questions or concerns you may have.
  5. Concierge Services: At Vacation Los Cabos we carefully select our service providers and, in many cases, even insource the most crucial services that add value to a guests’ experience.
  6. Multi-language service: Every one of our executive team speaks at least three languages fluently. As a team we are fluent in these 6 languages: Spanish, English, German, Italian, French and Tagalog.
  7. The Priority is YOU: Our homeowners may enjoy their homes at any time giving heads notice. In the live booking calendar homeowners enjoy full transparency of upcoming reservations as well as their own stays.
  • More benefits

Benefits of working with Vacation Los Cabos.

Vacation Los Cabos is ideal for owners looking to maximize their rentals while keeping their properties to the highest standard. The process we follow is simple and straightforward.

Vacation Los Cabos
  1. Selection Criteria: We follow strict criteria selection for each of our homes to have the “wow factor”.
  2. Administration: Vacation Los Cabos manages different practical aspects to give owners a total peace of mind and making the process of working with us easy and seamless.
  3. Professional Photography: We work with premium photographers in the area to capture the soul and unique identity of your home.
  4. Marketing: Our marketing strategy is aimed at targeting international clients. We use a range of various marketing channels to achieve maximum occupancy.
  5. Filtering Process: We take guest screening seriously
  6. Home Preparation: Vacation Los Cabos works with renowned interior designers… to make sure your home can be enjoyed to the fullest at all times.
  7. Human Relationships: Our on-site team will personally assist guests and owners with all their queries, and throughout their stay with us. We pride ourselves on fostering relationships with both guests and homeowners.
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Vacation Los Cabos

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Owning a profitable property in Cabo has never been easier

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Tell us about your home and we will be glad to discuss its specific requirements with you.

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